A Few words About Us.


This service has been thought of and brought into existence by Mrs Eniola Adeosun. After a long observation about my personal experiences while on my trips to Nigeria, I had noticed the need for continued journey convenience from the airport to my final destination. It has always been hectic and so much hassle when you have the need to find someone to pick you up from the airport. Some of us like to surprise our families by showing up at the door without them knowing about our plans or just another surprise entry to grace an occasion. Pickndrop has been made to make your journey and trips a lot more private, convenient and safe, in the sense that you have no need to worry about people knowing you are in town, when you don’t want them to.


The agenda behind our service is to take the stress off your chest and give you the guaranteed ride all the way to your final destination. These services are packaged to look after you with comfort ride and peace of mind while you relax and watch our drivers take you to your specified destination. We are company dealing with cars and other forms of mobile services around the western region of Nigeria.


At Pickndrop we have services designed to help your mobility whilst on your trip so you have no need to worry about visiting friends and families and also getting your shopping done. This means you won’t have the need to source for mobility or inconvenient anyone to get your work done. Our service is save and very confidential.  We promise prompt response and dependable service.All our drivers have been carefully selected and trained in customer service and client confidentiality.

Benefits of our service

  • 1

    Driver ready and available to assist with luggage and easy car access

  • 2

    Driver are familiar with the area and route has been monitored and planned for easy mobility for your assured safety

  • 3

    No wait no delay at the airport

  •  4

    Secure and convenient booking facility

  • 5

    Reachable drivers for your peace of mind